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Thai masseuse
Thai masseuse

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Hi, I'm Nani

Thai masseuse Nani

I come from Thailand, I completed a 5-year Thai massage course there, I also took a course in traditional Thai medicine, I would like to use this knowledge in my work, I have been working in Hungary for 5 years as a Thai masseur.

My goal is for my dear guests to find a cure for their physical problems in addition to relaxation, and to do all this in a unique environment and pleasant atmosphere.

You can read more about Thai massage below.

How is it different from other massages, and what to expect if we choose it?

What exactly is Thai massage?

Traditional Thai massage is an alternative medical treatment to relieve pain, but it can also play a health-maintaining role. It is most akin to a masseuse arranging a client’s body in various yoga poses. In this respect, it differs significantly from other types of massage, in which the client's passivity is more characteristic.

The Thai massage usually lasts 60 minutes, lying on a mattress placed on the floor, and the client attends the event in full clothing. Traditional Thai massage does not use oil or cream.

The therapist can use his hands, arms, elbows, legs, knees and feet to place the client’s body in different positions,

without causing pain. In case of pain, the client should warn a masseur.

It does not require special preparations, but it is good to prepare, expect active movement and stretching the muscles. Loose clothing is especially important for Thai massage, as tight clothing can impede the course of the massage.

Beneficial effects

Thai massage

  • Stress reduction

Thai massage is more effective in reducing stress than just relaxing. Researchers have found that Thai massage significantly reduces the levels of a certain stress marker in saliva, called sAA.

  •     Energization

relieves the symptoms of fatigue, low energy levels by reducing stress, relieving muscle pain

Thai massage has a more energizing, rejuvenating and mentally stimulating effect.

  •     Relieve headaches

 a type of Thai massage (court-type Thai massage) is an effective treatment for clients with chronic tension headaches. In this type of Thai massage, the practitioner always uses only his thumb, finger, or palm to gently apply pressure for 30 to 45 seconds through specific points (MaSP points).

  •     Stimulation of circulation

Thai massage promotes blood and lymph circulation through its yoga-like stretches. This makes it easier for the tissues to get oxygen, which in turn promotes cell growth and heart health. A study examining the benefits of foot massage in Thailand looked at patients with one of the complications of diabetes, peripheral neuropathy. The researchers found that this type of Thai massage also improved patients ’balance by promoting circulation.

  • Increase flexibility

As they are included in the yoga-like stretching of Thai massage, they gradually increase the flexibility, the flexibility. However, in addition to flexibility, it has an additional good effect in reducing friction between joints, the importance of more intense circulation of joint fluid.

  •     Relieve chronic pain and anxiety

The effects of Thai massage on chronic pain have been studied in several studies. One is a systematic review of their effects on pain intensity and other physical and psychological effects on patients. Their results found improvements in both physical (perceived muscle tension, flexibility) and psychological (anxiety). The analgesic effects of Thai massage can last up to 15 weeks.

Thai massage has a number of beneficial effects, with various stress reductions, increased energy levels, increased flexibility, and stimulation of circulation.

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If you want a Thai massage…

Reading about its details, its beneficial effects, and dispelling our beliefs about sexuality, it was stated in several of us that we would try this ancient massage technique with a healing effect. As usual, here too

it is very important to consult a properly trained, experienced professional, a massage therapist.

Although Thai massage is not tied to gender, age, or health status, in certain situations (hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurological disease) it is better to get advance information about whether it would be appropriate for us.

Although a trained massage therapist adjusts the intensity of the massage to the client's request, it is not recommended before the wounds have fully healed, during pregnancy, or in the case of cancer. If we undertake Thai massage too early after an injury, it can easily worsen our condition.

If we look carefully at the risks to us and decide we would like to give it a try, keep in mind that while after a Thai massage, one may feel very relaxed, but this massage especially works, tightens and stretches our muscles. After Thai massage, relaxation and increased hydration are recommended.

Our masseuse Rak Nani

Skilled and experienced colleague! I completed a 5-year Thai massage course, I also took a course in Thai traditional medicine, I would like to use the knowledge of this in my work, I have been working in Hungary as a Thai masseur for 5 years.

Rak Nani

Thai Masszőr