Thai massage

Thai massage

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We will try to find the best time for you by phone:  +36 30 851 8584

For everyone, regardless of age and gender. For those standing or sitting, struggling with musculoskeletal problems - back, waist and neck pain, disc herniation, scoliosis, joint complaints -, circulatory - high or low blood pressure, frequent headaches, migraine - and psychological - vegetative and psychosomatic complaints - it is also worth using it at least once a month for disease prevention and quality of life improvement purposes.

We recommend any type of massage to anyone over the age of 14. However, massage can also be good for children, but only for a limited time (up to 30 minutes). However, there are diseases or health conditions where this massage is not recommended.

Of course you can come to our salon in perfect clothes. There is only a towel on the body during the oily massage. All jewelry must be removed during the massage because it is dangerous.

Feverish condition; in acute rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases (eg sore throat, toothache, tonsillitis); during menstruation, in the first 3 days mainly; severe diabetes; renal failure; in the case of a peace maker; a minimum waiting period of 6 weeks after surgery is required (or consultation with a doctor); severe heart failure; dermatological problems, disorders; osteoporosis; hypertension; artificial limbs, prostheses; more severe varicose veins; Acute inflammation of the varicose veins (a piece of embolism may be torn off); Fungal feet, as the infection can spread during the massage; Stinging feet, burns, leg ulcers, necrosis or open wound, fracture; Poisonings, acute malaise (requires rapid, often intensive care); neoplastic diseases; Infectious disease; Diseases that require medical intervention; High-risk Pregnancy; Alcoholic, drug condition

You can also come to us with cash, cradit card or OTP nice card!:)

A more serious, intenzive sports massage should be timed after  training.